The Conscious Breathing Course

6 weeks to better breathing


This live online course is packed full of information about breathing so you can better understand why and how it's so important to establish good breathing habits. We'll go more deeply into good and poor breathing habits, what you can do about reversing the many health conditions impacted by poor breathing, and how to improve exercise endurance and sports performance. You'll also learn breathing techniques to calm anxiety and improve your concentration. This is an interactive course and you'll be learning with like-minded people who are interested in improving their health and well being.

Zoom Online Class Times
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11:45 am -1:00 pm Pacific Time

Course Curriculum


"The Relaxator and the increased awareness of my breathing have been wonderful in supporting my search for increased tranquility in my life."


"Learning how to breathe better has given me so much more energy. My health has improved and I'm now able to sleep through the night!"


"Through this course I've found a great resource to enrich my health and well being, and now use my breath in a conscious and intentional way."

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