Deepen your energy skills with the Intuitive Meditation Course
Level 2

Learn advanced intuitive processes for clearing blocks, and creating the life you want

Release Stuck Energy       Get Clear About What You Want       Be Present       Ground Your Space       Create More Freedom

This 6-week series is for you if you want to experience ...

  • Learning more about manifestation and creating abundance 
  • Releasing the energy that limits you and your creativity 
  • Effectively grounding and clearing stuck energy in places and spaces 
  • Letting go of old ancestral patterns that have you hooked into taking life too seriously
  • Greater freedom and enjoyment of life 
  • Being the creator of your own destiny with the understanding of how to  effortlessly achieve your goals

Pre-requisite: Intuitive Meditation Level 1

Intuitive meditation skills give you everything you need to ground yourself, protect your energy, and expand your intuition

Intermediate meditation skills to clear your energy and create open and spacious awareness

A deepening of your natural intuitive skills and how to apply them

Learning with an experienced cohort and enjoying the benefits of a supportive group environment

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Grow Your Intuition

Learn more advanced skills to clear your mind and energy